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Healthy Ageing

We have developed a tailored iHealth Check ™ specifically for older people so that you can be sure that you have addressed all of the important issues as you get older. We will work with you and if necessary your family to assess your healthcare and home support needs, manage your health care needs and refer you, as required, to home care services.  We developed an evidence based and ethical approach to this based on the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners guidance and advice from other peak bodies.

Why do an iHealth Check?

We want to help older people to be proactive about their health. In the iHealth Check we aim to:

  • identify any issues and intervene early to improve your health and quality of life,
  • undertake ethical and appropriate cancer screening, risk assessment for cardiovascular, kidney and lung disease
  • work with you to improve your general health and well-being, and
  • help you identify and access support to help you live at home longer and more comfortably.



What does it involve?

To help you feel more confident you are receiving the care you need we have developed the Healthy Ageing iHealth Check ™. We will work with you to develop and refine this every year. It will focus on the following important issues:

  • A head to toe assessment of your current health issues including your memory, your eyesight, your balance and falls risk, your bone, heart, lung, kidney, thyroid, bowel, bladder and skin health
  • An assessment of your support needs to help you live at home comfortably
  • Lifestyle health recommendations including optional assessment and planning with our partners at Body Track
  • Chronic disease management recommendations including a schedule for ongoing re-assessment.
  • Medication and Immunisation review

We have specifically trained our nurses and GPs to complete this plan. We want to work with you to improve your health. Strong evidence exists demonstrating that patients who engage in regular reviews of their health issues benefit in terms of quality of life, avoiding hospitalisations and living longer.

We firmly believe you will benefit from this process and look forward to working with you.

What are the benefits of iHealth Check?

iHealth Check has many potential benefits for you and your health.

You benefit from:

  • Early identification and management of important issues, leading to better health and quality of life outcomes
  • Peace of mind that nothing important has been missed
  • A living document that changes as you age, prompting you to take part in lifestyle health changes, keep up with preventative health measures, and a measure of your health.
  • Access to and coordination of your home care support.

Your health benefits from:

  • Knowing the important health issues you need to work on
  • Knowing the recommended preventative health measures and our reminder and recall system to help you stay on track
  • Knowing what health parameters you need to measure and when

How does it work?

Intake Assessment

One of our experienced health professionals will work with you to identify any health issues. You will a phone call which will help us to determine what further tests or steps are needed prior to you appointment.

GP Evaluation

Your GP will review your intake assessment and determine any appropriate recommended tests to complete and any care coordination requirements. We will help you to arrange and complete any necessary referrals so you that you will have had the tests necessary prior to seeing your GP.

Your GP will conduct a face to face visit to examine you and discuss your assessment.

Receiving Your iHealth Check

After your examination and consultation we will prepare and send you your completed iHealth Check and our recommendations. This will include your health assessment but also any other home care needs you may have. You are free to share this with any family that may concerned about your wellbeing.

Implementing Your iHealth Check

Your iHealth Check will have identified issues for you to work on, necessary home care support and the relevant team members to help you.  Once you have completed a personalised iHealth Check you will gain access to one of our Health Coordinators who will help you make any subsequent appointments . If you have any chronic health conditions we may offer you the chance to develop an iHealth Plan.

While we aim to provide a single location for your health needs, we occasionally need to refer to external health professionals to complete your treatment team.