Australia’s Healthcare Landscape
A New Model

Patients are wanting more from their general practice. They want a health system that puts them first, offers more choice, control and access to digital healthcare (care plans, digital health records, contact with doctors via telehealth).

Fiveways Surgery is adopting the iHealth Australia way allowing us to evolve to meet the needs of our patients through multidisciplinary healthcare services, leading-edge technology, research and education, all supporting integrated person-centred care.



iHealth Care

iHealth Care

  • Virtual first care supported by world class facilities iHealth centre
  • Video + Message consults powered by Welio
  • Face to face when needed on time, convenient, safe care.

iHealth Solutions

  • World’s best solutions for chronic health condition
  • Home Monitoring
  • Specialised solutions for your health needs.
iHealth Plans

iHealth Plans

  • A health calendar specific for your consultations
  • Self Management Plan(s)
  • Monitoring recommendations

Who Are Our Patients?

Our Patients are people who value their health and understand that professional GPs are able to:

  • Help them maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Identify important health issues
  • Help them to prevent these issues getting worse, and
  • Coordinate their care in order to help them achieve better health outcomes.

Our patients understand that health care is complicated but experienced GPs can make it seem simple.

Our patients want to be able to spend time talking about their health care and feel that they are in good hands.


At iHealth Australia we have the following core values:

  • We believe access to excellent primary care is a basic human right
  • We believe that both patients and providers need to be invested in achieving better health
  • We believe understanding the determinants of your health equips you for a healthy life
  • We believe in supporting our staff so that they can support you
  • We believe that there is always a path to a better outcome.


At iHealth Australia we are building a cooperative network of practices who deliver excellent family medicine. Our iHealth Centres contain innovative, engaged, patient centred clinicians who want the best for you and your family.

Along with all the fundamentals of good General Practice, we are harnessing technology to make health care more accessible, more effective and more relevant for you.  We are engaging with our patients and their clinicians to understand what works best for them so that together we can find the best way to deliver family medicine.

We lead by example, patient responsibility for initiating and coordinating all your care.  We engage with your specialists and allied health providers as a true, multidisciplinary health expert.

We expand our clinicians’ experience through lifelong learning in areas of medicine, lifestyle medicine and chronic disease management.

We harness the experience of senior clinicians and the enthusiasm, vigor and fresh perspective of the next generation.

We respect that healthcare is a vocation and not a business but take care of the business so that our clinicians focus on providing health care.  We consider all our staff shareholders of our company and enable them to feel engaged, involved and empowered to improve the way we deliver health care.

We are in it for the long haul.

We will constantly learn, evolve and solve new problems so that we can deliver the best community-based health care.

Most of all, we want to make a difference to our patients, to our community and the world.

Why iHealth Australia Exists

We are transitioning from general practice to a healthcare centre and are now offering a unique healthcare experience through innovative and integrated healthcare. We want patients to share with their friends and family how great their experience is with us.

Our aim is to improve the patient experience by utilising purpose-built
technology (Welio Consult), offering a range of health services and programs for specific health needs, making it easy for them to access and engage with quality healthcare content online.